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Testimonials About Dingman Chiropractic in Watertown, NY

I am no stranger to chiropractic care. I have been going to chiropractors for 10 years (I am only 28) and Dr. Dingman is by far the best I have ever been to. He is not just a chiropractor, he is so much more. I have lower back pain, hip problems, and a collar bone problem. After seeing Dr. Dingman just one time I felt better than I had in years. 3 weeks later I felt like a whole new person. I can sit in my car without shooting pain down my legs, tailbone pain, and re-positioning over and over ... Read more

I was visiting Watertown from Austin, TX when I started having pain in my back and shoulders. I could not sneeze without having pain in my chest either. Dr Dingman showed me on a diagram why I was having pain and gave me step by step explanations of what he would do to fix the problem. I was so amazed about the work he did in as little as thirty minutes. I have never felt so relieved in such little time or without taking medications. He even gave advice on how to keep this problem from arising ... Read more

Eleven years ago, I came to Dr. Dingman with acute and chronic neck and shoulder pain. Prior to the treatment I received, I had been taking eight extra strength tylenol per day. I had no idea that a chiropractor could improve so many health conditions but Dr. Dingman is much MORE than a chiropractor. He also knows which whole food supplements will benefit each patient, he can give you a homeopathic remedy for your symptoms, and he does muscle/tendon work. He gave me advice on diet and ... Read more

Dr. Dingman has been a major asset to both my daughter and my health care. My daughter went through two surgeries involving tubes. Dr. Dingman started adjusting her at 18 months of age and I was extremely impressed by the progress she made along with the supplemental advice he gave. I had never had a back injury until two months ago when my rigorous running schedule came to a halt. I could barely bend over or move from the sitting to standing position without extreme pain. In two short weeks, ... Read more

I have been going to Dr. Dingman for over 20 years. My parents took me when I was a teenager for treatment of my spring time allergies. What a difference it made to have regular adjustments to ease my symptoms!! I continue to go on a regular basis to help maintain my healthy lifestyle. I have had ... Read more

I have been a patient of Dr. Dingman's for over ten years. He has been my "go to" advisor from chiropractic care to nutritional health. With the demands of being a full time mom, full time teacher, and endurance athlete he has helped me stay injury free and in good health over the years. Do to unrelated circumstances, I snapped the neck of my femur in 2006. One of my first visitors at the hospital was Dr. Dingman! That has always remained in my memory. Thus I feel that he is someone who goes ... Read more

My husband started going to Dr. Dingman close to two years ago. He works in a factory and is on his feet (concrete floors) for eight hours a day. He had terrible pain in his lower legs. After treatment with the Dr. his legs do not bother him. After seeing the results of good chiropractic care, we started taking our son to see him. Our son has autism and is not always able to communicate to us his discomfort. He is ALWAYS relaxed and easy going after a visit, and will even request it. For myself,... Read more

I have been a patient of Dr. Dingman for almost 20 years. I came to him having back pains caused by an injury in my teens and other things life brings. I found that he listened, asked questions, and searched for why I had problems beyond just what he found in his examination. He also showed me that chiropractic care was more than spinal adjustments. I had been a runner for years but had to stop a year earlier because of knee problems. I told him this one day and he asked if I would like him to ... Read more

I am an active duty soldier who had a baby earlier this year so my body was in all kinds of pain. I have been trying to find a place that would take me and I came across Dr. Dingmans office. I called early in the morning and told them what was going on and they set me up an apt for that day. When I arrived for my apt the receptionist was very polite when greeting me and telling me about their services and explaining the paperwork. I went back to the exam room Dr. Dingman came in introduced ... Read more

Dr. Dingman treated my infant daughter for torticollis. At 6 months of age my daughter would not turn her head to the left and her cheek rested down near her shoulder. Dr. Dingman was very gentle with her treatment and was able to correct her problem quickly and effectively. The office staff was kind and caring as well as very efficient. I would highly recommend Dr. Dingman.
Heather L.

My neck and lower back have been in pain for at least 2 years and I tried physical therapy and it helped but only temporarily. I have been visiting Dr. Dingman for 3 weeks now and have found out so many interesting things about how my body should work. With proper care and advise and some adjusting here and there my lower back doesn't hurt too much anymore and he is working on my neck diligently.
Tracy K.

I have been Dr. Dingman's patient for eight years. When I first came to Dr. Dingman I was suffering from debilitating headaches, recurrent sinus infections, allergies, and muscle pain. My daily life was compromised due to constant pain and fatigue. I had been to several doctors before Dr. Dingman with no results. Dr. Dingman always took the time to listen to my complaints and I felt he truly cared about making me well. He adjusted me, recommended supplements, and counseled me in nutrition and ... Read more

Dr. Dingman and his wife Dawn are some of the most caring professional people I know. I have been a patient there for some time now and I am amazed at the results. I am a server that came in with severe shoulder problems and today I am feeling better than ever thanks to these people. If you have been to the office EVER you would know Dawn is always at the front desk and gives the best customer care and is very knowledgable. Dr. Dingman and Dawn are the best and I recommend them to my friends. They make you feel like you are part of their FAMILY.
Jen R.

I started going to Dr. Dingman about 15 years ago when I suffered from migraine headaches. Within a month I was amazed that I wasn't getting headaches anymore. I continued for many years with a monthly adjustment and never had another migraine. Eighteen months ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Almost immediately Dr. Dingman started me on whole food supplements and a homeopathic remedy to prepare my immune system and my body for the chemotherapy that I would begin. But before the chemo began ... Read more

Dr. Dingman and his staff are absolutely wonderful people! I have been going to him for almost 2 months and he has done an amazing job with my back. They went out of their way to schedule me on their day off and on top of that, my infant became upset during my therapy and his staff came in and fed my son so that Dr. Dingman could continue my therapy. I was so very thankful that day. I could never truly express how wonderful they are nor thank them enough for what they have done for me.
Kiley P.